Customer Story: The ZEB in a three bedroom traditional semi

Derek and Jenny live in a traditional three-bedroom semi-detached home and have had their Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) installed since November 2023.


Derek and Jenny have been using their ZEB for over a year. Their journey towards a more sustainable future began when they decided to replace their 32-year-old gas boiler with the innovative ZEB. This case study explores their experience with tepeo and the positive impact the ZEB has had on their home and lifestyle.

Discovery of tepeo and the ZEB:

Jenny first learnt about tepeo and the ZEB whilst watching the Fully Charged channel. Intrigued by the concept, she felt it would be a perfect fit for their home.

The decision to purchase the ZEB:

The decision to purchase the ZEB was not part of a renovation project. Instead, it was prompted by the failure of their old boiler. Having recently installed solar panels, Derek and Jenny saw the ZEB as an opportunity to further embrace sustainable living. After consulting with tepeo, they decided it was time to eliminate their reliance on gas.

For Derek and Jenny, choosing tepeo was straightforward. Derek pointed out that there were no viable alternatives that matched their sustainability goals.

Knowledge of heat batteries:

Before installing the ZEB, Derek and Jenny had already delved into the world of heat batteries due to their solar panel installation. This prior research made them comfortable with the technology.

Primary motivation:

Their primary motivation for purchasing the ZEB was to reduce their emissions. Additionally, they wanted to integrate smart-living solutions into their home, complementing their solar panels and electric vehicles. The convenience of switching out their old boiler without extensive modifications was also a significant factor.

Sales and installation experience:

Jenny highlighted the excellent support they received from tepeo’s sales representative, Adam, who recommended Martyn from M4RT for the installation. The collaborative effort between tepeo and M4RT left them highly satisfied.

Online form and response time:

Jenny described the online form process as long but straightforward. Despite initial concerns about response time, tepeo quickly reached out given they were without heating or hot water.

App functionality:

Jenny praised the tepeo App for its user-friendly interface. She frequently checks the App to monitor the boiler’s performance and enjoys the insights it provides.

Pre-installation process:

Derek was impressed with the pre-installation process, noting its efficiency and the friendly nature of the delivery team. He even shared a nostalgic conversation with one of the delivery team, who was a former BT engineer like himself.

Performance and satisfaction:

Both Derek and Jenny are delighted with the ZEB’s performance in their home. They appreciate the consistent heating and the seamless transition from their old system.


Derek and Jenny’s experience with tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler has been overwhelmingly positive. By replacing their outdated gas boiler with the ZEB, they have significantly reduced their emissions and embraced a smarter, greener way of living. The support from tepeo and their partners, along with the easy-to-use App, has made this transition smooth and rewarding for them.

Author: Shannon Garner | Marketing Executive