First domestic trial installation complete!

tepeo is delighted to report that the first ZEB-heated bath has been taken, the first ZEB-heated dishwater has disappeared down the plughole, and the first ZEB-warmed rooms have been snuggled up in…

Our mechanical assembler Ben and his lovely partner Lucy are the lucky hosts to our very first trial installation at their house in Marlow. They have been living with their ZEB for a little while now and have reported back that it is performing beautifully! Of course, we actually knew this already thanks to our real-time IoT connection. It was a wonderful moment for the company to see a ZEB actually installed and to hear that what we see as lines on graphs in the back-end really does translate to a warm bath, a hot sinkful, and cosy rooms!

Ben and Lucy with their ZEB. Their original boiler (on the wall) remains installed so that we can switch between the two for comparison.

The next few trial homes will have ZEBs installed within the next couple of months and we are very excited to progress this next stage of the ZEB’s journey to market.