Your ZEB, in the palm of your hand

Take control of your ZEB from anywhere with the tepeo App. Get insights into the energy, cost and carbon from your ZEB. Available on iOS and Android.

See what your ZEB is up to

Our Smart Charging algorithm works hard in the background to keep your ZEB running at the lowest cost & carbon possible. The App is your window into how the ZEB is doing this – giving a view of:

The live status of your ZEB – power draw, charge level and heating output.

Historical data showing when and how much your ZEB has charged.

Tracking how much the ZEB has cost to run based on your tariff.

Real time carbon intensity of your local electricity network and the carbon emissions from your ZEB’s charging over time.

This information is available within your tepeo App to help you keep track of your energy use, carbon emissions and heating system.

Adjust your ZEB on the go

Forgot to change your ZEB’s charging before heading off on holiday? Coming home earlier than expected and need to boost charge in a hurry? No problem: you can control your ZEB from anywhere with the tepeo App.

Away Mode – ideal for when you’re on holiday, or need to pause the ZEB’s charging temporarily. Set a return date and we’ll take care of the rest – charging up at the cheapest & greenest times for your return.

Boost your ZEB on an especially cold day or because you’ve got the whole football team coming around for a shower!

Adjust how our Smart Charging algorithm works – targeting lowest cost, or lowest carbon, or a balance: its up to you.

Set your own Custom Charging Schedule – you can always take the reigns and tell your ZEB when to charge directly if needed.

Take a look.

Download the app and explore the demo mode.

Updates direct to you & your ZEB

We’re updating the App and the ZEB’s software all the time – adding control, insights, more efficient running behaviour and reliability improvements. New features are added over the air automatically.

Your ZEB just keeps getting better after installation. 

Have a question?

There’s much more to the app – if you have a question, please check our FAQs or get in touch!