Thank you for your interest in installing a Zero Emission Boiler, we have now reached capacity and the Neat Heat Trial is full.

If you would like to find out more about whether a ZEB is the right zero emission heating solution for your home please complete our ZEB compatibility checker.

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Neat Heat Trial

We’re working with OVO Energy and UK Power Networks to demonstrate how Zero Emission Boilers (ZEBs) could power a low carbon heating revolution.

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A bit about the ZEB

The ZEB is a plug-in replacement for your existing boiler and works with your hot water tank to deliver low carbon & low cost heating just like your current boiler.

Using off-peak electricity, the ZEB charges up when electricity is cheaper and greener, heating up a thermal core inside the ZEB. This stores energy until it is needed and releases it when your thermostat calls for heat (either for heating or hot water). You can keep your existing controls, pipework, radiators and cylinder – making the ZEB a very simple installation compared to many other low carbon options.