New ‘Neat Heat’ Zero Emission Boiler trial launches, where customers could cut their carbon emissions by 40%

17% of the UK’s overall carbon emissions come from delivering heating and hot water to our homes. We’re working with like minded organisations to help fuel the race to net zero and increase the options available to the consumer.

We’re excited to announce that this week we’ve launched a trial with OVO Energy and UK Power Networks to demonstrate how our Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) could power a low carbon heating revolution.

As the UK moves towards net zero we will say goodbye to fossil fuel burning boilers and in turn replace them with a variety of low carbon alternatives, which will have an impact on how we use energy within our homes. UK Power Networks, who are funding the project, need to understand how this might impact their electricity network. The real-world data gleaned from this trial will allow UK Power Networks to use its existing infrastructure in a smarter way and make plans for any future adaptations and OVO Energy to develop new offerings that will reduce costs to customers.

Raman Bhatia, CEO of OVO, comments: “We’re thrilled to be offering this exciting and truly innovative new trial to our customers in partnership with tepeo and UK Power Networks. With household heating accounting for 17% of the UK’s carbon emissions, Neat Heat drives forward our commitment to promoting zero carbon living and a sustainable future, whilst helping our customers to lower their energy bills through the provision of smart green tech solutions.”

During the trial, which will last for 12 months from the point the customer signs up, participants could cut their carbon emissions by up to 40% year-on-year. Customers will also have access to Neat Heat credits, which means they can unlock cheaper than average energy rates when charging their boiler at around 12p per kWh – the current energy price cap sees the unit rate for electricity sitting ~34p per KWh.

An estimated 40% of UK homes lack the space required for alternative low carbon solutions*, so it is hoped the ZEB will offer an accessible alternative to those who want to switch to a low carbon model.

Ian Cameron, head of customer services and innovation at UK Power Networks, said: “It’s our role to help make low carbon heating a reality for customers, ensuring no one is left behind in the transition to Net Zero. Taking steps to make pioneering solutions, like these boilers, accessible to customers ultimately saves everyone money and offers new opportunities to make our homes greener. It is key to accelerating the transition, enabling more low carbon technology to connect to the electricity network at the lowest cost for everyone involved.”

Find out more about the trial here