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Want to know how much a cleaner alternative will cost? Compare the ZEB to gas, oil, electric & LPG boilers below to check your carbon footprint and see how much you can save.

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How much does the ZEB cost?

A ZEB costs £6,000 to purchase, which includes VAT and delivery. Currently, the ZEB isn’t zero-rated for VAT purposes (20% VAT applies) and doesn’t receive any subsidies (but we’re working on it).

Installation costs vary but indicative pricing for a typical installation would be around £2,000 (including VAT)*. Installation costs depend on your home, heating system requirements and local installer rates – we can put you in touch with a tepeoPRO installer in your area to get a quote specific to your home.

*Regular maintenance costs required. Details can be found here.

The ZEB Cost & Carbon Calculator

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Cost Comparison

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ZEB Boiler
Upfront cost Lifetime Annual Maintenance
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Maintenance Lifetime Maintenance
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Annual Fuel Cost Lifetime Maintenance
Total Annual Cost Francisco Chang Mexico

The calculator and the output data provided do not constitute advice, including on tariff or energy supplier selection, and are for illustrative purposes only.

The output data is based on information you provided with approximation and several assumptions for calculation purposes, which can be found in the tooltips. tepeo does not take responsibility if your ZEB’s running costs do not match this prediction.

* A typical installation normally takes 2 working days and will consist of a tepeoPRO doing the following: Assessing your existing heating system, hot water cylinder and plumbing components (see below) to ensure they’re in full working condition and compatible with the ZEB. Completing any required plumbing tasks. Adding a new 50A circuit in your existing main consumer conforming to current wiring regulations. This includes a short cable run and a rotary isolator being installed in a conveniently accessible location to enable safe isolation of your ZEB. Checking your ZEB is working correctly. Removal and disposal of your existing boiler. A chemical flush of the full system and refill with corrosion inhibitors to maintain system integrity. Rigorous safety testing and certification.

Plumbing components: This includes a fully operational circulator (pump) and magnetic system filter. In the case of a sealed system, the expansion vessel and pressure relief valve must be present and fully functional, and the filling loop must be in good working order. This means that the only plumbing component which would need replacing during a typical installation is the pressure bypass valve. NB: All installations must be installed and commissioned by tepeo or a competent and qualified installer who is registered with tepeo. All installations must also be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, applicable legal requirements, regulations and industry standards.