Tepeo ZEB – because low carbon heat doesn’t have to mean low performance!

A few weeks ago I shared a very snazzy looking render of our Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) in a random kitchen. Computer graphics are great but a real thing is even better… So we built it! And we tested it!

Why is it that things always seem to work less well in the real world than they do in theory? Your boiler company will know what I’m talking about – that “90% efficient” combi-boiler they sold you is probably only giving you about 70% efficiency or less! #boilergate

However, every now and then things perform even better in the real world than they do on paper… This latest revamped design of our Zero Emission Boiler has had us smiling all week. It has absolutely ripped up the record books and exceeded all our performance KPIs.

We’re putting it through its paces with daily testing and power cycling. It’s storing over 40kWh of usable heat and we’ve been getting 27kW of heat out into our water circuit at over 75C with a temperature delta of 30C! That is phenomenal!

Now, for the first time, low carbon heating doesn’t have to mean low temperature and low performance With a Tepeo ZEB it means low cost, low disruption to your life, low environmental impact and low stress. It has all the good things you’d want from your boiler with none of the bad. This is a game changer and we’re unbelievably excited about it.