Theresa May visits to learn about how ZEB technology is decarbonising UK homes



Theresa May today paid a visit to tepeo, a Maidenhead-based start-up that has developed a low-cost, low-carbon electric alternative to gas or oil boilers for domestic heating, called a Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB). Mrs May inspected tepeo’s R&D Facility in Waldeck Road where the ZEBs are being built, and heard about tepeo’s local homes trial, currently under way in Maidenhead and surrounding areas.

Mrs May said: “Decarbonisation of domestic heating will be an important part of achieving our target of net zero emissions by 2050, so I am pleased to see a Maidenhead based company developing technology that could play its part in reaching our goal.”

Johan du Plessis, CEO of tepeo said “I was pleased to explain to Mrs May how our ground-breaking technology will provide a compelling, low cost and low fuss alternative to heat pumps, enabling everyone to participate in the transition to net zero.”

Mrs May, who as Prime Minister oversaw the UK’s commitment to the 2050 target, was shown how the Zero Emission Boiler’s combination of electric heating and thermal storage works together with its intelligent controls so that the electricity needed for heating is only consumed at the cheapest and greenest times of the day – the energy is then efficiently stored until needed.

tepeo is looking for other local 2/3 bedroom houses to take trial Zero Emission Boilers over winter and into 2021. Anyone interested in participating in the trial can visit www.tepeo.com for more details.